SigMaker Overwatch

Yup, I ship them. HARD.

OW_SigMaker2 Just think for a moment about this relationship. I could go on with different scenarios. I also enjoy reading and playing as Sigma in Overwatch so I look forward to his interactions with other characters.

  1. Both are engineered to be living weapons.
  2. Both love music in their own way (dancing or hearing).
  3. Widow is emotionless but can put Sigma in check if he goes into one of his episodes.
  4. Both have tragic backstories of loss love and abuse by corporations, government or organizations they have given their lives for.

It sounds toxic but some people ship Sigma with Moira. I think she would more likely to torture him with more experiments or manipulate him to her every will. For some reasons I get this vibe that Widow would understand his condition better than Moira. Change my mind.

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