Dino Kings

Started as a passion project and fueled by my love of dinosaurs and Jurassic Park, I wanted to create a world where the viewers asked themselves, what if the dinosaurs were never extinct? What if there was no catastrophic meteorite that struck the earth, halting the ice age, forcing mammals to evolve as sentient beings?

So because of these “what if’s,” I introduce to you an alternate world where dinosaurs not only roam but rule with a sharp claw. Keeping up with new scientific discoveries, hair and skin are replaced with feathers and scales. Blending science and history, the “Dino-sapien” culture is inspired by human cultures rooted in South America, Polynesia, and other Pacific countries. My story has a simple narrative to make room for world-building possibilities!

Our heroine, Isla the Iguanodon goes on an epic quest to rescue her beau, Taj the Tyrannosaurus Rex, from the evil clutches of a megalomaniac dictator in this alternative universe of Mesozoic history!

All characters and concept are copyright of Raquel C. Fernandez.


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