Patria Y Vida

Dear @aoc, it’s cute that you try to solve our problems by blaming the USA. If you like, maybe you can come down to Miami and talk to my grandfather who was sent to prison because he refuse to work as a “volunteer” or a slave to cut sugar cane in the field without pay. Sweetie, believe me if it was the embargo, Cuban families in Miami would not be able to send money, food, and toilet paper to the their families on the island. The US embargo did not stop Old rich tourists from visiting the island for sex with underaged prostitutes who rely on the work to survive on the island. Honey, I know you are trying to sympathize with us but we will most likely decline your offer. Cubans who left the island then and now will tell you the USA is not the problem. No Señorita, we love the USA including the Cubans who are in your party. All we want is for my Cuban brothers and sisters is to be free from these chains of communism. We don’t want the embargo lifted, we want communism to die and let freedom ring. #patriayvida por mi gente siempre! Sincerely, the Cuban people/ Los Cubanos. …

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