Duel of the Kings by Robot Head

This was based on a funny analogy by fellow YouTube commenter, Robot Head from his Star Wars essay, “How Disney Forgot About the Jedi.”

In Robot Head’s defense, he said its impossible for the current generation of Star Wars characters to forget all about the Jedi as it is millennials forgetting the existence of Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley and in the video below, he photoshopped the Kings carrying lightsabers fighting each other. So why not draw them if they were characters in a Star Wars story? Hence forth, the Kings of Pop and Rock should be know as Lord Michael Jackson and Jedi Master Elvis Presley facing off to prove each other’s epic powers!

MJ’s outfit from his performance at the Super Bowl screams dark side aesthetics so I had to draw it with minor tweaks to make it Star Wars appropriate.

Also, he would not be Elvis Presley without a flashy jumpsuit to channel the power of the Force!

You can view the video at this time stamp –> https://youtu.be/NIm5JZiLuiE?t=265

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